As we continue in our search for the most diverse examples of how stainless steel is used to improve our quality of life, we happen upon to objects that really couldn't be more different from one another, unless you count the fact that they both begin with the letter B...


Bristol's fantastic and imposing bridge that links the city centre to Temple Quay harbour. The bridge spans over 200 ft and is formed entirely from 2205 duplex stainless steel that has been punctured with thousands of small holes. At night, artificial lights shine through these holes, giving the stainless steel an ethereal glow and creating a spectacular visual effect. Costing just £1.8 million and with significant savings made in maintenance costs, the bridge is guaranteed to last for many years as the tough duplex steel provides an extremely high load-bearing strength while strongly resisting the demanding environmental conditions.


Though dramatically different in size, razor blades have been subject to similar extensive engineering throughout their evolution. It was not until 1956, however, that the very first razor blades fabricated from stainless steel were made available to the public by manufacturer Wilkinson Sword. These blades represented a revolution in the shaving industry as, unlike the previously-used carbon steel blades, they did not rust easily in a wet environment. Today, high-carbon martensitic stainless steel is the preferred choice of metal for making razor blades due to its high hardness-level and ability to retain a sharp edge, along with the standard high resistance to corrosion exhibited by all stainless steels.

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