As well as feedback from our customers, reading the trade press, and visiting (when we can) trade shows, one other way we can get ahead of customer trends and interests is to analyse which sections of our website are being viewed, and how this compares to the same period last week, last month or last year. This really helps us to get a quick understanding of what the market is interested in. It also helps us to have a look at what projects are being undertaken. We're nosey like that.

Recently, when analysing current website behaviour, we noticed something. A spike in interest in our sealants and adhesives, specifically the Ultimate Sealant and Adhesive product. It might be that interest online has grown because of low stock amongst other suppliers. It might be because of greater demand. Who knows? Either way, we thought we would provide you with more information and make this our product focus for the week.

What can't it do?!

The HB42 is an All-in-One™ sealant and adhesive designed to fulfil several jobs including sealing, sticking, and filling and is based on the new generation of advanced hybrid polymer technology for outstanding adhesion and strength. HB42 can be used inside and outdoors, from sealing bathrooms to guttering. Unlike other sealants and adhesives, HB42 is odourless. It's also food safe, and has been GEV approved. For those of us who aren't GEV savvy, that means it's recognised for its extremely low emissions. Oh, and it'll bond to most substances, even in torrential northern weather.

HB42 will adhere to glass, wood, stainless steel, aluminium, porcelain, UPVC, coated metal and polystyrene and can be overpainted.  It has an elasticity up to 230% with no shrinking and possesses anti-mould properties for use in areas of high humidity, skins in minutes, is fully cured in 24 hours and conforms to EN 15651.

They are available individually and are sold in 290ml cartridges. If you have not already got one, do not forget to purchase your sealant gun which can be bought from our website starting at just £3.25 (excluding VAT).

HB42 is available in 6 different colours: black, brown, crystal clear, grey, invisible, and white with free delivery on all orders of £50. We also have an option for next day delivery if you get your order in before 12.30pm.