The recent heavy winds and unexpected snowfall have meant that sign fixing and other banding needs have become glaringly apparent. As part of our comprehensive selection of stainless steel, we are proud to supply Bandfix products, created by our parent company BS Stainless. Used extensively across a multitude of industries, Bandfix is guaranteed to provide the ultimate in quality and safety.

Bandfix is UK-manufactured from grade 201 stainless steel, giving it optimum durability and strength. Used as an alternative to standard stainless steel banding brands, the product features a safe edge to prevent the risk of handling injuries and is packed in tightly wound coils in boxes to reduce the amount of storage space required.

Rolls are supplied at a standard length of 30m and in a variety of thicknesses to suit any application, making them one of the most popular choices currently available on the market. BS Stainless are proud to offer Bandfix stainless steel banding at an incredibly competitive price.

Bandfix is often used as a secure fastening system as it offers good resistance to corrosion and has good torque strength. When used for this purpose, the stainless steel banding is fixed with Bandfix stainless steel buckles, also known as 'ear-lokt' within the industry. Manufactured from the same grade 201 metal, these buckles provide a strong connection and are guaranteed to provide many years of maintenance-free service.

Buckles are attached with the use of the banding tool, which delivers more than 1100 kg of force as it cuts off spare banding during the forming process. The tool is drop-forged before being heat treated to provide optimum strength and features an innovative spring-loaded grip which improves usability. Coated with blue epoxy powder to prevent any corrosion, the Bandfix banding tool is an essential piece of kit.

For more information on Bandfix and other sign banding options from BS Fixings, please contact our team.