Stainless steel banding, along with the related ancillaries required to achieve successful, lasting results, has been around for many years. As it is so versatile, the basic process remains unchanged but is constantly being improved with better materials and tools. One of these tools is the Bandfix Bantam, which is exclusive to us here at BS Fixings.

Using the Bandfix Bantam tool makes the application of stainless steel banding easier, faster and more cost-effective. Coated with quality zinc, the tool displays excellent resistance to corrosion and will give many years of maintenance-free service. Here is our simple step-by-step guide on how to use this innovative tool...

  • Take a wing seal and place it onto the banding. Wing seals are available from BS Fixings as part of our exclusive Bandfix collection.
  • Working carefully, fold the banding until it is directly beneath the clip. Press it firmly into place.
  • Put the band into place around the object it is being used upon.
  • Thread the banding through the clip.
  • Operate the banding tool; this is achieved by simply squeezing the handle until the banding is completely tight around the object.
  • Operate the lever on the Bantam tool to remove any excess banding.
  • Hammer down the wings of the clip, firmly securing the banding into place.

That's it! The banding will now remain in place until removed, offering lasting, professional results. Any grade of stainless steel banding can be secured using this method.

To make the process even clearer, we have created an instructional video for our customers. This video can be found on the product page or on our very own YouTube channel.