As part of the BS Fixings collection of fastening solutions, we are proud to supply a range of quality stainless steel machine screws, also known as stove bolts. Here are some essential facts about machine screws applications:

  • Machine screws have extremely uniform threads, which maintain a continuous diameter along the threaded length (as opposed to tapered threads such as those found on stainless steel wood screws and other self-tapping screws).

  • Also known as stove bolts, machine screws are used to securely fasten components together in tools, vehicles, electronic devices, appliances and industrial machines.

  • Although most often fabricated from stainless steel thanks to that metal’s many strengths and desirable properties, machine screws are also manufactured from many other materials, including brass and nylon.

  • Machine screws differ from bolts as the primary tightening of fastened joints is achieved by turning screw’s head as opposed to the nut.

  • The products are incredibly versatile and are found in electrical connectors, terminal strips, gasketed devices and brand fasteners as well as providing a range of industrial and commercial fastening solutions.

  • A full complement of driver head types is available, including Pozidriv, Phillips, slotted, hex socket, Torx 6-point star and square drive.

  • Threads can be formed using a die-cutting or roll-forming process.

  • Machine screws are usually driven with a screwdriver instead of a wrench.