You can’t have failed to notice that Black Friday is just around the corner, if you’re anything like us, the thought of queuing in the cold for hours and then braving a battalion of battle-scarred bargain-hunters gives you a shudder of trepidation! In fact, the chaotic scenes have got so bad that some stores have dramatically scaled back their Black Friday deals. We belive it is far better to enjoy all of the bargains from the comfort of your own home. Of course we are getting in on the act and offering a tip-top 10% off every product on our website!

The term ‘Black Friday’ is purported to relate to either a notorious crash of the stock market or an equally-notorious traffic jam. It isn’t clear exactly how the term found its way into retail though many think it apt as being the time of year when lots of retailers earn a significant portion of their total annual income, they are no longer ‘in the red’ but happily ‘in the black’!

Stainless steel fixings and fastenings are required all year round and so there isn’t anything "Christmassy" about our products. You aren’t likely to see screws, washers or bolts adorning the Christmas Tree! They will, however, be invisibly supporting said tree, along with a host of other items that we couldn’t do without at Christmas from the dinner table to the TV (about which we will complain there is just nothing on...again!). Anyway, we don’t like being left out of the party and always love an excuse to make our customers smile so a 10% Black Friday Discount it is!

Dive into our comprehensive collection of stainless steel fasteners and fixings to start building your basket - checkout anytime between Midnight Thursday November 26th and Midnight Friday November 27th to claim your 10% discount. And, with free shipping on all orders over £10, the savings just keep on coming!