Stainless steel wire has many uses from welding to tying and is used in a plethora of diverse sectors both artistic and industrial. As the largest independent supplier of stainless steel wire in the UK, BS Fixings maintain a steady interest in the different ways the product is used around the world and so a recent display in Bangalore, India, immediately caught our eye.

Nisha Mathew is an architect in the Koramangala district of the city and has always appreciated the structural qualities of stainless steel, a metal that she says is ‘a significant construction material’. She is the Principal Architect at Mathew & Bose and maintains a consistent fascination with how stainless steel can be used in so many different ways, creating products that are both aesthetically and functionally valuable. Her latest collection has just gone on view and is attracting critical acclaim from all over the world, securing the attention of industry architects, interior designers and everyone in between.

With a deft skill that makes her material of choice seem almost to flow like a liquid through her talented fingers, Nisha has created a series of 25 items, including platters, bowls and vases, each manufactured from stainless steel mesh. The items have an almost ethereal quality to them, even though the architect herself describes the pieces as ‘mostly utilitarian’, and have a quiet majesty when gathered together in a single space, as they have been for the current exhibition and installation.

Nisha is renowned for her commissioned work and her waiting-list is a long one, populated by many famous names. Customers flock to her studio to request works to be created - Nisha’s skill at working with stainless steel has become almost legendary and each item is greeted with a breathless gasp as it is finally, painstakingly completed. Stainless steel wire is the ideal material as it is ‘very pliable and of food standard’, says Nisha; she also adds that she appreciates the ‘structured design of woven products (manufactured) in an orderly fashion’.

Whether you intend to create a work of art, a utilitarian object or simply to tie back those annoying tree branches, stainless steel wire could be the answer you’re looking for and we have literally miles of it here at BS Fixings. All of our wire is, like the rest of our product range, guaranteed to be of the most professional quality and will be consistent from the first metre right through to the last.

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