Along with BS Stainless, our parent company, BS Fixings is the UK's leading supplier of all types of wire. Here we present our guide to the most common types of wire that we supply to our customers, who span across the spectrum of industry.

  • Sculpting Wire. Though essentially an industrial component, stainless steel wire is in fact an incredibly-effective and -expressive artistic medium. Light, strong and infinitely malleable, the material can be used to create stunningly-lifelike sculptures, as evidenced by artists such as Robin Wight and Candice Bees, both of whom use wire from BS Fixings in their innovative work.
  • Tying and Lacing Wire. Useful for literally thousands of applications from insulation and fencing to garden work and automotive construction, tying wire is available from BS Fixings in grades 304 and 361 steel. We also supply galvanised wire as a more cost-effective option where corrosion resistance isn't required.
  • Welding Wire. Whether you need MIG or TIG welding wire, BS Fixings is your one-stop shop. Available in various grades, our welding wire is used in many diverse situations, providing a durable, reliable seal.
  • Wire Ties. Manufactured using the finest quality mild steel, wire ties from BS Fixings utilise looped-ends to achieve a simple, effective fastening solution. With 1,000 ties in each box, steel wire ties are available on a 2-3 day lead time.