Don’t buy a screw and tap yourself – choose Goebel self-tapping screws instead!

Our parent company BS Stainless is used to working with major international clients, supplying stainless steel products in massive quantities for large-scale industrial projects all over the world. Reading the news pages of their website can be a little bit daunting and confusing for the rest of us, who end up reaching for the dictionary one word in every ten. So, at BS Fixings, we like to be plain and clear so that you can make a professional choice without the attendant stress.

One of the questions we are regularly asked by our customers is ‘what is a self-tapping screw?. Of course, they do know what a screw is but it is the ‘self-tapping’ part of the product name that causes the confusion. It’s actually an incredibly simple idea, but one that has completely revolutionised the way in which we build and fix things.

A self-tapping screw has the unique ability to advance during the driving process, meaning that it creates its own threads as it is driven in. Machine screws, in contrast, require a pre-threading process to cut a defined path that the screws will follow. Self-tapping screws have a continuous cutting edge that accurately drills away the material it is driven into - a common misconception is that it is the head of the screw that is responsible for creating the threads but it is the consistent cutting edge that does all the work.

So, now you know what they are, which are the best kind to buy? We are very much like our parent company in some ways and one of these is that we are very careful and choosy about who we select to work with. This means that our few chosen partner companies are guaranteed to provide the highest quality, thus protecting our customers and the reputation of our own company. For this reason we recommend, without hesitation or qualification, Goebel self-tapping screws for a vast variety of applications.

As you would expect, we have a full complement of Goebel self-tapping screws available to purchase, in all sizes and drive types. Washers can also be supplied as necessary and, as with our entire product portfolio, delivery is swift, secure and reliable.