As a part of our commitment to offering not only superior products, but superior advice, we have a policy to check and test all the products we sell. We know its important not only to stock the best products, but also to understand how each item works, how to use them and where they should be used for optimum performance. This is everything from a simple stainless-steel screw to our range of protective clothing. This means that everything from our drill bits and screwdrivers to our wall plugs and ring nails are tested, giving them what we hope is the upper hand when it comes to customer service and product knowledge.

In our quest to offer an outstanding range of DIY and construction products, we have started to stock a wide variety of SPAX screws, leading us to start testing the products, including the world‐renowned “A2 Stainless Steel Timber Construction Screw.”

SPAX screws are famous for their German quality, and in recent years, the SPAX T‐STAR plus head, and through testing, we understand exactly why this head has become so popular with the most premium screw manufacturers. The first benefit is the amount of torque that can be generated, compared with other heads, and certainly compared to slotted head screws.

 The six‐point star head not only increases torque, but also decreases the likelihood of the stripping of the screw head, along with slippage, or cam‐outs, as the driver bits have tight, specific fits. This leads on to the next benefit we discovered. Tamper resistance. As the screw heads and drivers are less readily available than other more common screws and drivers, T‐Star heads are viewed as harder to tamper with and have been found useful in both the electronics and automotive industries, for both hard drives and brake systems respectively. In recent years, of‐course, the T‐Star has become increasingly more common, and it’s no wonder when companies held in such high esteem as SPAX are manufacturing them. Through our rigorous testing, we found that SPAX screws also outperformed several leading brands in several departments, including rust and corrosion resistance and reduced splitting. Aside from SPAX products, we are a well-known stockist of a wide variety of fixings, fasteners and DIY and construction products, including wall ties, stainless steel banding, tying and sculpting wire, +DART drill bits, annular ring nails, and much more. we also pride ourselves on our service, product knowledge and next day and Saturday delivery across the UK, earning us the rating of “Excellent” on Trustpilot.