Allowing for the rapid, changeable fixing of signs, litter bins and other items to posts, whatever their shape and size, the Tamtorque system is guaranteed to provide professional results every time.

Yet another benefit offered by the innovative stainless steel banding solution is its ease of installation, which is carried out in just a few simple steps.

The first step is simply to open the banding, which is done by hand. Safe edging ensures that this can be carried out without the need for gloves

Secondly, the banding is threaded through the slots in the sign to be fixed

Then, the band is positioned round the post, before being engaged into the screw housing. Screw the band through using the unique Tamtorque tool - a drill driver can be used to speed up this part of the process even further

The buckle’s tongue is located (in the fourth slot) before the clamp is moved to its final required position

Push the band through the buckle to smooth the clamp

Now, complete the process by tightening the stainless steel banding with the special Tamtorque T-Bar screwdriver

The process really is that simple and you can see it in action in a video here.

A recessed, 7-sided socket bit is unique to Tamtorque, making signs and other items affixed using the system extremely tamper-resistant. Only the Tamtorque tools can be used to adjust the sign fixing clamps, which do not require cutting for removal and so can be easily repositioned. Stainless steel, widely known for its exceptional resistance to corrosion, means that the banding will last and last, even in harsh outdoor environments.

BS Fixings highly recommend the Tamtorque stainless steel banding system for all of your sign fixing needs. The video will show you all you need to know and our range of accessories is complete, allowing you to put the perfect package together, all at the signature BS Fixings competitive price.