Members of the BS Fixings team joined with our parent company BS Stainless last weekend for the North & Western Lancashire Chamber of Commerce annual Dragon Boat Challenge. It was a great opportunity for us to get together and try out our teamwork skills; everyone had an amazing, but tiring, time!

Dragon boat racing is an ancient Chinese custom, dating back more than two thousand years ago when it began as a folk ritual pitting rival villages against one another in a test of skill and strength. Though it has its roots in a traditional ceremony, dragon boat racing has experienced a revival in modern times and is now an officially-recognised international sporting event.

Dragon boats are designed in the style of a Chinese dragon. At the head of the boat is a drummer, whose job it is to help the rowers keep to a strict rhythm as he plays. The reverse end of the boat is home to the helmsman, who makes sure that the boat is always moving in the right direction. Though powered only by human effort, the streamlined dragon boat cuts through the water with remarkable speed.


Dragon boat racing is now so popular that it has become the fastest-growing water-based activity in the UK. Lots of other companies from the Lancashire area were also taking part in the competition, all showing lots of team spirit. races took place throughout the day, keeping everyone busy.

Team spirit and unity is an important part of the work we do here at BS Fixings and taking part in the North & Western Lancashire Chamber of Commerce annual Dragon Boat Challenge was a great way to improve it. Roll on next year!

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