From large-scale industrial constructions to small yet vital fixings and fastenings such as screws, nails, banding, wall ties and much more, the metal continues to prove its versatility with a product created by photography giant Nikon. Happy snapping!

The Nikon ASC-01 is a small, expertly-engineered stainless steel insert that slots neatly into the hot shoe mount of a camera. Hot shoe mounts are located on top of the camera and provide the point of contact for peripheral equipment, usually a flash unit. When the mount is not in use, Nikon’s innovative new stainless steel product gives the camera a more ‘complete’ look and is easily removed for fast access to the hot shoe mount.

As well as improving camera aesthetics, the stainless steel cover also provides protection to the sensitive contact points of the hot shoe mount, which can be negatively affected by corrosion and scratching caused by dust and moisture.

The metal frame of the hot shoe is protected from impacts, ensuring that it is not able to bend out of shape and become dysfunctional. A further benefit of the new Nikon stainless steel insert is its ability to prevent the camera becoming snagged on camera bags or clothing, a problem often reported by camera users.

The ASC-01 is currently retailing at just over £20 and is another feather in the cap of stainless steel, a metal that is found across industry and of particular use for stainless steel fastenings and fixings.

As we move into the future, the 100+ years that stainless steel has already been around seem like just the beginning and you can bet that when we head to Mars to escape an asteroid, there will be stainless steel involved in making everything from the transportation to get there and the places we will live to the food we eat and the products we use to entertain ourselves. What stainless steel innovations would YOU like to see in the future? Let BS Fixings know now by sending us an email and you could feature in our news pages or blog soon!