At BS Fixings, we work with a small number of carefully-selected partner companies, each of which has a proven track record of manufacturing products of impeccable quality. One of these companies is JCS, which produces the unique, industry-leading Tamtorque sign fixings system.

The ultra-safe, highly-effective Tamtorque sign fixing system offers many benefits, some of which are explained in more detail in this week's news article on our website. Ease of use is the first item on the list and here we present a brief, step by step guide showing just how simple the system is to work with.

  • First, the banding coil must be opened. As the banding material is produced with a deburred edge, there is little risk of injury to the operator
  • Next, the corrosion-resistant, tough-yet-pliable, banding must be threaded through the slots of the sign to be secured. The system is incredibly versatile and so can also be used to secure a host of other items such as litter bins or cables
  • Move the banding into the desired position around the securing post
  • Now engage the screw housings. If limited time is an issue, this process can be completed more quickly using a drill driver and the special Tamtorque driver power bits, also available from BS Fixings
  • Move the tongue of the stainless steel buckle and bring the clamp into the desired position
  • Push the banding through the buckle
  • Tighten using the Tamtorque T-Bar screwdriver. This is the only tool that can be used to tighten or loosen Tamtorque banding, a security feature that prevents tampering thanks to the unique seven-sided socket and socket bit

And you're done! The sign or other object will remain where you have installed it until the time comes for you to remove it.

All of the elements that make up thecTamtorque sign fixing system are available from BS Fixings and you can see these above steps fully illustrated in our online video.