This week's edition of the BS Fixings newsletter focuses on wall starter kits, the contents of which are used to successfully attach new brick or block walls to those already in existence. The correct connection of these walls is essential to avoid structural issues later on.

The traditional method of 'toothing out' (discussed on more detail in this week's news article) is at best unreliable and involves complex work that can easily go wrong. The wall starter kit from BS Fixings is designed to solve these issues at a stroke, making installation quicker, easier and more successful. Here is a brief guide on how to use the wall starter kit.

  1. As with any construction project, proper initial preparation is key to ensuring a professional end result. In addition to the kit contents, you will need a pencil and a drill with an appropriate bit (a range of drill bits manufactured by industry-leading company Goebel is available from the BS Fixings website). Ensure the area is completely clean and clear of any dust and debris
  2. Use the pencil to mark the position of the fixing holes
  3. Drill 10mm holes according to these marks
  4. Install wall plugs
  5. Position the first wall starter so that the ties fold downwards
  6. Place a second wall starter into the top of the first
  7. Fix the remaining fixing points into place
  8. Fold down the ties before building into the bed joints of the new masonry wall

Made using stainless steel of 304 grade, connectors in the BS Fixings wall starter kit are designed to be strong and robust, as well as being extremely resistant to the negative effects of corrosion. Slots at the end of each component allow multiple wall starters to be used, up to a maximum of 8 metres or 3 storeys high.

FInd out more about the BS Fixings wall starter kit on our website, where you will also find a comprehensive collection of wall ties and related products. If you need help choosing the right product or any other technical assistance with our products, do not hesitate to get in contact with our skilled and experienced customer service team.