The BS Fixings team are all safely home from their journey, tired but full of lots of ideas that will ultimately benefit YOU, our loyal and obviously extremely discerning customers. Admittedly, we have been striving and slaving away on your behalf in the gorgeous, incomparable city of Milan in Italy but, as the saying goes, there’s no place like home.

In a very real and practical sense, if there were no stainless steel in its hundreds of forms from screws and nails to stainless steel wire, there really would be no place like home. In point of fact, there COULD be no place like home, or at least not a home anything like the one to which you are most assuredly accustomed to right now! So these tiny components are big business and their consistent development, often to the minutest of degrees, is knowledge of the utmost importance to those connected with the trade, such as yours truly, BS Fixings.

When you get lots of people with a similar interest and goal together in one place, something indescribable happens. Be it anywhere from a rock concert to a business seminar, the combined interest leads to an atmosphere extremely conducive to communication, the sharing of ideas. This was the case at the recent Italy Fastener Fair, which took place in the aforementioned Milan, at MiCo the Milano Congressi.

The Italy Fastener Fair is arguably the most important and influential of its type, not that it is short of competition. Such exhibitions, trade fairs and other events connected with the far-reaching sector are taking place all over the world with near-constant regularity. This particular event played host to many thousands of visitors, from product developers, manufacturers and distributors to highly regarded industry experts, all of whom took full advantage of every opportunity to increase their own store of knowledge while helping others to do the same, in the shared interest of creating ever-better fastening solutions.

When you purchase any item made by us or one of our trusted, cherry-picker partners, you can be confident that the chosen product will have been subjected to the strictest, most demanding testing to ensure it is, beyond all doubt, truly fit for purpose, delivering a consistency that we believe you will find it hard to find elsewhere,

So it is goodbye to Milan but we will soon be heading to the exotic climes of… Birmingham for The Build Show. We just can't get enough of the globe-trottin...


BS Fixings supply a range of stainless steel products including steel banding.