Welding also gives the essential versatility required to delivered a host of innovative products, machines and components.

‘Fume’ is a problem caused by welding – the term refers broadly to the particulates and gases given off during the process and are an important topic in the welding community. In order to ensure employers and operators and fully informed of and protected from this risk, the Association of Welding Distribution have organised a series of networking and learning events which will welcome anyone involved with the welding industry.

The AWD presentations are designed to provide all of the current knowledge of fume and its effects. Ways to avoid the risks, the rights and responsibilities of employees and employers and types of protection levels will also be discussed. An important part of the seminars will involve making sure the welding community is fully aware of the implications of the new EN 1090 standard - this requires that all structural fabricators ensure their manufacturing processes are to a quality-management system or have been CE-approved by an independent, notified third-party.

The seminars take place in various locations between 12th-14th May.

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