Helical wall ties are the helix-shaped rods that are vital to the infrastructure of lots of different masonry projects such as creating cavities by adding outer clad brickwork to existing masonry walls and joining cavity walls when adding extensions to properties. In this post, we are going to talk about a few of the benefits of using them, and where you can get some of your own!



They have a quick installation process which is simple to understand and can be easily done if the correct tools are available. Another plus is that they are made of either Grade 304 or Grade 316 stainless steel, which ensures the tie’s resistance to corrosion, and makes them non-combustible.

Furthermore, each helical wall tie also has multiple water drips which means that water is not able to cross the cavity and damage any infrastructure. Another one of their advantages is just how effective they are in tying cavities and solid walls, making themselves an integral part of a building’s infrastructure.


Where can you get them?

Here at BS Fixings, we have a section of our online store dedicated to helical wall ties, in which you can find an assortment of sizes and quantities, plus the necessary tools you will need for their application. Let’s have a look at a couple of helical wall ties that we sell!

The first helical wall tie we would like to show you is the 6mm Helical Wall Tie. These ties are made specifically for resin to resin remedial tasks, when one or many existing ties have either perished through corrosion or insufficient ties have been used. With these helical wall ties, there is no need for pre-drilling, and they are ideal for thin joint blockwork.

Another helical wall tie that we stock is the 8mm Helical Wall Ties. These are specifically made for grout remedial work, with specific design to preserve solid or rubble walls, repair split brickwork and to re-establish separated internal party walls to their external leaves.

We hope you found this post useful. If we have not covered the precise product you were looking for, there is a full range of helical wall ties on the BS Fixings website for you to browse! If you need any more information on any of our products, we invite you to contact us via email at info@bsfixings.co.uk, or via phone on 03330 117818.