Mechanical remedial wall ties are a kind of wall tie system used to secure masonry structures. They are installed mechanically with a drill rather than manually, which makes them attractive for users who require a quick and efficient installation process. Similar to other variations of wall ties, they are used to secure the inner and outer leaves of a cavity wall, to strengthen the integrity of the structure. They are also commonly used to replace wall ties in an existing cavity wall structure which may have corroded and are no longer functional, or if the original wall ties have been installed incorrectly.

If the wall ties are no longer effective, the cavity wall can collapse or bow, which will impact the strength of the building. When mechanical remedial wall ties are installed, they provide a secure and strong connection between the internal and external walls, which offers support for the cavity. Plus, due to their shape and design, they successfully absorb movement within the cavity caused by strong winds and other external pressures, helping to keep the structure in place. Wall ties are vital in building constructions and developments, to protect the walls from unrepairable damage.

When installing mechanical remedial wall ties, it is important to ensure that they are fitted correctly and that they are the right size and type for the building. You need to ensure that they are embedded to the correct depth and that they are securely fitted, so they do not become loose or ineffective. This will help to ensure that the ties provide the maximum amount of protection and stability for the building.

The mechanical remedial wall ties that we stock are designed with neoprene-covered ends that grip onto the walls with ease. This allows users to have full control of the installation process, allowing them to place the tie accurately in place. To reap all the benefits of this mechanical fixing, we suggest using a setting tool to fully utilise the neoprene grips. When used in conjunction with a drill, the setting tool firmly holds onto the neoprene end and tightens the wall tie. When these ties are drilled in, the inner and outer leaves expand until they lock onto the tie and secure it in place. After all the ties have been fixed, you can cover the hole external hole with the most appropriate mortar, for a clean and professional finish.  

Benefits of mechanical remedial wall ties

  1. Simple and quick installation process.
  2. Can be used with all masonry materials.
  3. Cost-effective and long-lasting.
  4. Successfully improves the strength of cavity walls.
  5. Can be installed discreetly which causes minimal inconvenience and damage.
  6. The length of the tie and the neoprene drip ring prevents water from reaching the internal leaf.
  7. Perfect for domestic residences and small commercial buildings.

To suit a variety of cavity wall sizes, we supply these ties in a range of lengths to meet all your construction requirements. The smallest length we stock is 150mm and the largest is 300mm, so you should be able to find the correct tie for you and your project. If you have any questions about this item or any of the other fixing and fastening products that we stock, please feel free to get in touch with us and we will be happy to help!