When it comes to DIY, construction, and even gardening, there is one versatile material that is often overlooked, despite its widespread use and functionality – chicken wire. In this blog post, we are going to take a look at the chicken wire products we stock, delving into their uses and benefits.

Chicken wire, also known as chicken/poultry netting or hexagonal netting, is a lightweight, flexible, and durable material that serves a multitude of purposes beyond chicken coops. The mesh wire is generally manufactured out of thin, flexible stainless steel, which has been galvanised to withstand harsh weather conditions. The galvanised layer provides additional protection against corrosion, making chicken wire suitable for both wet and dry environments. It is available in various wire gauges and mesh sizes, making it a go-to solution for a range of residential and commercial applications.

Why Choose Chicken Wire?

One of the key benefits of chicken wire is its flexibility, as it can be easily shaped and moulded to fit your specific needs. It is also incredibly lightweight, so it is easy to handle and install whilst being robust enough to last long-term.

For a range of DIY and construction projects, chicken wire is a cost-effective solution, and is great for people that might be on a budget. Additionally, its hexagonal design provides strength and support, allowing it to maintain its form even under pressure.

Uses of Chicken Wire

Of course, chicken wire gets its name from its original purpose—to protect chicken coops and keep poultry contained, however, its use extends far beyond this!

  1. Gardening

In the gardening/landscaping industry, chicken wire serves as an excellent fencing material by keeping unwanted pests out of flower beds and vegetable gardens. It can also be used to construct plant supports and trellises, providing a structure for climbing plants.

  1. Construction

For many construction tasks, chicken wire is used to reinforce concrete and plaster work. The wire will help to maintain structural integrity, preventing cracking and providing additional strength.

  1. Animal Hutches

Similar to how chicken wire is used for poultry houses, it can also be used to create hutches and runs for several other animals and pets too. Whether you own rabbits, guinea pigs, or even budgies, you can create a hutch or aviary that will keep your animals safe when outdoors.

  1. Security

If your premises requires additional safety measures to safeguard individuals, chicken wire can be used to secure windows, doors, and other openings as an extra barrier.

  1. Decoration

For those with a more creative side, chicken wire has also been commonly used for a variety of art and DIY projects. Especially for sculptures, the wire mesh can help stabilise artwork by increasing its overall strength.

At BS Fixings, we have a new range of chicken wire available on our website to purchase, perfect for any project that you have in mind. Whilst we mainly stock fixings and fastenings, our product catalogue has continued to grow, and we now supply an extensive amount of materials for construction, home and gardening, as well as DIY. Explore our range of products on our website today or contact us on 03330 117818 and a member of our expert team will be available to provide advice and guidance.