Strong winds and heavy rain are back on the agenda, creating more repair work for hard-hit local councils as they struggle to restore stricken areas. One aspect of this diverse work is repairing signs, many of which have become damaged, corroded or even completely detached. As well as repairing or replacing old signs, a number of new warning signs are also being erected in areas which have recently become prone to flooding, landslides and sinkholes. BS Fixings are proud to facilitate this essential work with products from our innovative Bandfix range, created by our parent company BS Stainless.

The Bandfix range is exclusive to BS Stainless/Fixings and offers comprehensive solutions to every stainless steel banding application from signage to insulation. With official CE Marking (certificates audited by Lloyd's Registers) and a registered trademark since 2013, the quality of these products is assured and, as always, we continue to offer the most competitive prices to our diverse range of customers.

Our stainless steel banding features Safe-Edge technology, offering full protection to the user. Available in a choice of grades to suit every application, the banding is supplied in tightly-wound spools of bespoke widths to make any kind of installation quick, easy, professional and reliable. The range continues to grow and we have just added Screw Buckles and the Universal Clamp to the collection, both of which are used in conjunction with stainless steel banding for securing signs and are supplied with the standard BS Fixings full guarantee of quality and safety, fully adhering to Construction Products Regulation (CPR) 305/2011.

The Bandfix Stainless Steel Universal Clamp offers proven resistance to corrosion and, with a 2-piece saddle-and-channel design, is incredibly strong, making it a good choice for fixing signs in areas where vandalism may be an issue. Accepting all banding up to a generous 19mm, the channel clamps tightly against the saddle when the banding tool is used, strongly fixing the sign in place. As this product is so versatile, it is particularly recommended for irregularly-shaped posts.

Bandfix Stainless Steel Screw Buckles are designed for temporary applications, able as they are to be quickly installed and uninstalled. Utilising a grub screw which easily locks the band when tensioned with a Hex or Allen key, the buckles are manufactured from tough and long-lasting 304-grade stainless steel, which displays excellent resistance to corrosion. As well as being used for temporary applications, the product is also suitable for small or irregularly-shaped spaces where standard buckles will not work due to the absence of space for a tool rollover.

Both of these products are available now from BS Fixings. Please enjoy browsing the full Bandfix range and do not hesitate to contact our competent team for further information.