Nuts & Bolts are fasteners that have become such an intrinsic part of our lives that they have even entered the language as an idiom – ‘the nuts & bolts of it’ – meaning the most important aspects of something that keep it all together. At BS Fixings, we supply a full range of the essential steel fixings in every type you could ever need. Here are some of the different nut types available to purchase NOW at the most cost-effective price…

Stainless Steel Wing Nuts – these are supplied in convenient boxes of 100 nuts, each manufactured from quality stainless steel of grade 304 (A2). They are designed to allow for quick, simple and consistent tightening and/or loosening, meaning that carrying around a tool such as a ratchet becomes unnecessary. A full complement of thread size choices – including bespoke specifications where required – is immediately available.

Stainless Steel Hex Nuts – with a versatility that is hard to match, stainless steel hex nuts find a use in all sorts of applications. They can be successfully used in conjunction with hex head bolts and machine screws (which we can also supply), delivering a powerful combination of physical capability and aesthetic attraction

Stainless Steel Dome Nuts – with many names (acorn, dome hex, crown, blind and cap nuts), these nuts provide two major appeals - visual harmony and physical safety. No longer do projects look unfinished or present a hazard as the dome-cap concealing any threads does its work.

Stainless Steel Nylon Insert Nuts – these are absolutely guaranteed to beat standard mild steel nylon insert nuts in terms of performance, these grade 304 stainless steel nuts are designed to reduce loosening and/or unlocking, even after an extended time period. The tough friction created between bolt and nut resists vibration and extends service life.

Our stainless steel nuts & bolts, just like every other product in our diverse and extensive collection of stainless steel fixings and fastenings, are manufactured to the highest standard and comply fully with all relevant health, safety and quality specifications. For the most competitive price, you can be certain that you are starting your project with the finest materials when you purchase from us.

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