How many doors have you walked through today? Probably you'll find it hard to know the exact figure because we all walk through so many every day that we don't really think about it. Next time you walk through those doors, have a proper look at them and you might be in for a surprise...

Lots of wear and tear, right? It's precisely because we don't generally notice the doors we walk through that they can quickly start looking neglected. The first places that doors start to become damaged are about halfway down and at the bottom; this is at the level of human hands and feet. Protecting them is easy with our stainless steel Kick and Push Plates.

Combining an attractive aesthetic with tough, durable and cost-saving protection, door plates from BS Fixings have been installed everywhere from restaurants to nursing homes all over the UK. They are particularly suited to doors in public places with a high frequency of usage.

Stainless steel kick and push plates are easily attached to most standard interior or exterior doors; this is carried out using stainless steel screws which are included with the plates. At just a single millimetre in width, the plates fit flush with the door delivering a clean visual line.

Treat your doors to stainless steel kick and push plates from BS Fixings!