Keeping birds away from structures is necessary to prevent them from landing, roosting and even nesting on or in its ledges, roofs, gutters, balconies, chimneys. Indeed any exposed place where they can get a clawhold could be at risk. There are several methods of bird control but our newest product is surely the most innovative forward-thinking solution.

Bird Free® Gel Discs work in a truly extraordinary way, using the bird's highly-evolved senses against it. First, the disc exploits a bird's ability to see light in the ultraviolet spectrum: the formula appears to the bird to be actually burning in flames, causing them to flee. In addition to this powerful visual deterret, the discs contain selected natural ingredients that are intolerable to a bird's well-developed sense of smell.

Repeated tests both in the lab and in the field have shown that Bird Free® Gel Discs are highly efficient at deterring birds from buildings, even causing birds to entirely abandon habitats they have been accustomed to using for years. Best of all, the discs cause absolutely zero harm to the bird and so are a reliable 100% humane solution.

Sold in boxes of 15, Bird Free® Gel Discs offer an economical, hassle-free method of humanely deterring birds from around buildings. Check out the new product page and also this week's blog article for more info.