At BS Fixings, we are always extending our product range to bring the fullest possible collection to our customers. We have recently added a selection of bird prevention products to our range; this includes fixing silicone adhesive, which is used to firmly attach bird prevention spikes to almost any surface.

Fixing silicone adhesive from BS Fixings is:

  • Supplied in an economical, easy-to-use 285ml tube
  • A specially formulated design
  • Ideal for use on any clean, dry surface, whether it is wood, glass, steel, brick or concrete
  • A completely transparent formula that cannot be seen once dried
  • UV-stabilised, preventing any discolouration from the sun over time
  • Ideal for use in extreme environments, suited to use in temperatures between -60°C to 180°C
  • Designed to last around 35 years
  • Formulated to strongly resist against corrosion
  • Created using neutral-cure, low modulus silicone which reacts with the polycarbonate base of the bird spikes to create the strongest, most durable bond yet still delivering flexibility after 24 hours of curing
  • Formulated to have a gel-like consistency with no odour, unlike many other chemical silicone products
  • Designed for use with a standard caulking gun


Birds, particularly pigeons and seagulls, can cause damage to structures, not to mention the danger they pose to human health. Bird prevention spikes offer a fast, simple and humane solution to the problem. Find more information on the product pages and in our recent news and blog articles.