Bluebird Fixings produce an eclectic selection of items including the signature Screwtie® that started the company off so successfully.

Our many years of working in the stainless steel industry have made us extremely discerning when it comes to choosing which designers, engineers, manufacturers and suppliers we will work with. Bluebird Fixings, with their impressive reputation built up since the company was established in 1988, are a perfect example of the kind of quality that BS Fixings are insistent on providing to our customers.

Competitive pricing, a comprehensive product range and the swiftest supply from stock - what more could you ask for?! Products from Bluebird Fixings include

  • The Screwtie® - An innovative and versatile product that securely connects existing structures to new, providing the ultimate lateral stability. Quickly and simply installed, the Screwtie® from Bluebird Fixings is a revolutionary invention and is now standard in the industry

  • Cavity Screw Ties - Tough and durable, these stainless steel ties are built to last and are supplied with all required plugs and clips

  • Gutter Guard - Maintaining drainage is essential to prevent an array of structural problems. Gutter Guard from Bluebird Fixings fits all standard gutter sizes and prevents any debris from entering the water flow

  • Rise & Fall Brackets - Used to secure guttering at a range of heights, these useful items are fabricated from galvanised steel and are installed with a tilt to ensure continued water flow

  • Wire Balloons - In a recent blog post, we reported on a man who caused £1,000 of damage in a (successful!) attempt to free a bird that had become caught behind a chimney. Make sure you don’t become the next to feature in our newsletter by installing wire balloons from Bluebird Fixings!

Please enjoy browsing the complete range of products from Bluebird Fixings, available right direct from us. For more information on the companies we partner with, such as JCS - the creator of Tamtorque® sign fixings - give our technical team a call now.