Working with carefully-selected partner companies allows BS Fixings to bring you the most comprehensive and professional range of products. One of these trusted companies is Bluebird Fixings, which manufactures one of the most commonly-used building components: the cavity screw tie.

Bluebird Fixings was established back in 1988, when the company supplied just one product: the instantly-bestselling Bluebird Screwtie. Sales of this popular item allowed the company to expand and create the complementary cavity screw tie, among a range of other products also available from BS Fixings (check the dedicated page of our website for details).

Cavity wall ties from Bluebird Fixings are manufactured using quality stainless steel, ensuring robust strength and excellent resistance to corrosion. A comprehensive range of sizes (from 50mm up to 280mm) can be supplied by BS Fixings in cost-effective boxes of 10 ties. For your convenience and to ensure compatibility, we also supply insulation clips and wall plugs with each box.

Choosing the correct size of cavity screw tie is essential and failing to do this is a common problem in construction (check this week's blog article for details of other issues and how to avoid them). The size options available are based on the width of the cavity and so overall dimensions will be larger: to avoid any confusion we have created a clear sizing guide which can be found on the product page.

Check out all the details of these and other Bluebird Fixings products on our website now!