Our product portfolio has been extended with the addition of a new range of adhesives, sealants, and accessories manufactured by Bond-It. Here we look at some of the company's bestselling items.

High Viscosity Superglue

HVC Superglue from Bond-It is an extremely powerful and versatile adhesive that can be used with equal success on most materials including wood, ceramics, card, rubber, leather and MDF. The rapidly setting formula (between 10 and 30 seconds) also has gap-filling properties and so is ideal for bonding caps and trims on PVCu windows. Available in two sizes: 25g and 50g.

B1 Fire Resistant Foam

This polyurethane expanding foam displays excellent heat and noise insulation properties. Used to seal irregular gaps, the formula is capable of expanding up to 40 times its original volume in the event of a fire. Once cured, the foam is semi-rigid and primarily close-celled, easily resisting temperatures between -40°C and +100°C. Bond-It B1 Fire Resistant Foam has been tested to BSEN 1366-4 and BS476 Part 20, the most stringent test for fire rated products.

Multi Wipe Spray

Using adhesives and sealants can be a messy business but Bond-It has created the ideal solution with its Multi Wipe Spray. Supplied in a robust and easy-to-use bottle, the formula is an extremely effective, trade-strength cleaning solution that can be used on all surfaces and tools as well as on the hands. Skin irritation is minimised with an anti-bacterial component and the addition of soothing aloe vera.

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Multi Wipes Liquid Spray BottleB1- Fire Resistant Foam