As a leading provider of stainless steel fixings and fasteners, we were pleased to have attended the prestigious INTERNATIONALE EISENWARENMESSE Hardware Festival 2024, held in Cologne, Germany at the beginning of March. This event marked a perfect chance for us, as we joined over 3,200 exhibitors from 54 countries in showcasing the latest trends and innovations in the construction, fixing, and fastening industries.

The EISENWARENMESSE festival is a global gathering of the hardware industry’s best, serving us a golden opportunity to connect with potential suppliers, discover new products, and allows us to stay ahead of the latest trends in the ever-evolving construction sector.

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We’re excited to announce that, as a result of our participation in the EISENWARENMESSE, we have identified several products that we will soon be adding to our website. You can expect a curated selection of the latest and most effective solutions in stainless steel fixings and fastenings, bringing added value to our customers in the construction and DIY markets.

Keep your eyes peeled on our website for these new additions to our product lineup!