We are delighted to announce that following more behind the scenes sourcing, testing, negotiations, and planning that we now stock GripIt Fixings (nothing as intense as the original negotiations on Dragons’ Den we would like to add!) and these are now ready to purchase from our website.

To many, the product is well known for its appearance on the BBC Two business programme Dragons' Den in 2014, where the British businessman and entrepreneur Jordan Daykin became the youngest and most successful entrepreneur to win investment when he secured £80,000 from Deborah Meaden for the plasterboard fixing invention. The GripIt Plasterboard Fixing was invented in 2008 and by 2012, with a product tested, refined and the patent secured, the first GripIt order from a national retailer was received. The business was then valued at £10M just 4 years later in 2016. GripIt has since secured a license deal with Charles Bentley a global distributor based in Loughborough to help promote the product to a wider international market.

Providing an instant solution to a long-standing problem, GripIt has been welcomed by both tradespeople and DIYers who have used the product. GripIt provides a simple solution of fixing heavy items to plasterboard through its ease of use and high performance compared to similar products on the market.

There are 4 different colour fixings, which relate to different weights that can be fixed. Yellow for blinds, curtain rails and audio-visual equipment, red for shelves, shower units and speakers. Brown for lighting, AV equipment and radiators and finally blue for boilers, kitchen cabinets and TVs. They can all be purchased individually, or you can buy packs that contain a mix of all the fixings such as the GripIt Assorted Kit - 32 Pack which contains 8 x 15mm Yellow GripIt (4.0x25mm screws), 8 x 18mm Red GripIt (5.0x30mm screws), 8 x 20mm Brown GripIt (M6x30mm bolts) and 8 x 25mm Blue GripIt (M8x30mm bolts)

You can shop our full range of GripIt products, including the fixings, drill bits, Marxman tools, and kits, by clicking here - https://bsfixings.uk/brands/grip-it/

As always, if you have any problems, or need advice, just get in touch with our team.