To enhance our product portfolio and improve our service to customers, BS Fixings work with a small, eclectic range of partners. These partner companies have been carefully selected for their impressive reputations: one such company is Bluebird Fixings, which has been designing and manufacturing professional quality products since it was established more than three decades ago.

The range of Bluebird Fixings products available from BS Fixings includes:

  • The Bluebird Fixings Screwtie®. This is the company's signature product, a revolutionary invention that has grown to become the industry standard. Designed to securely join new structures to those already in existence, the Screwtie® delivers the ultimate lateral stability.
  • Cavity Screw Ties. Built for long term success, these strong and durable stainless steel ties are supplied with all of the necessary clips and plugs for rapid, reliable installation. For a guide on using Bluebird Fixings cavity screw ties, check out this week's edition of the BS Fixings blog.
  • Rise & Fall Brackets. Improperly aligned gutters can stop water from flowing, causing all kinds of structural issues. Galvanised steel rise & fall brackets prevent this issue from occurring and work with all standard gutter sizes.
  • Gutter Guard. No matter how well aligned gutters are, they cannot function effectively if they become blocked. Gutter Guard from Bluebird Fixings offers a quick, easy solution by preventing any debris from lodging in gutters.
  • Wire Balloons. Birds nesting in chimneys can cause a number of issues that can be difficult, costly and time-consuming to repair. Installing a wire balloon prevents birds from getting into a chimney in the first place.
  • Fence U Brackets. Strong and robust, Bluebird Fixings fence u brackets are guaranteed to hold fence panels firmly in place. Made from galvanised steel, the brackets are supplied in economical packs of four.
  • Flue Terminal Guards. Used to protect flue terminals, clocks, alarm boxes and lights, flue terminal guards are available in a wide selection of sizes and come complete with a comprehensive fixing pack. Choose from galvanised or stainless steel.

More information about these items can be found on the relevant product pages.