A recent edition of the BS Fixings blog focused on how stainless steel banding offers a safe, cost-effective and reliable method of securing Christmas decorations, lights and other festive items. To get you in the mood for the party season and maybe inspire you to get really creative this year, here we reveal some of the world's record-breakers in the glittering world of Christmas lighting!

  • Largest LED Sculpture. Specialist LED company LLC ZodiacElectro outshone the competition by creating a sculpture of a Christmas-tree bauble and wrapping it in strings of LED lights. A confirmed total of 23,120 lights won the Russian company their place in the record books.
  • Most Lights on a Christmas Tree. Set in Belgium by Kiwanis Malmedy and Haute Fagnes, the record for the most lights on a Christmas tree is a whopping 194,672. Voltage measurements were used to calculate the figure, which took more than 350 garlands of string lights  to achieve.
  • Most Lights on a Residential Property. In 2012, the Gay family from New York broke this record by installing no less than 346,283 lights to the outside of their residence. This sounds impressive until you discover that the same family smashed their own record in 2014, almost doubling the display to include an unbelievable 601,736 lights.
  • Largest Display of Illuminated Christmas Trees. Representatives of the USA's Hallmark Channel arranged 559 illuminated Christmas trees as a labyrinth, into which visitors to Herald's Square in Manhattan could happily lose themselves. After the event, all of the trees were donated to the Boys and Girls Club charity.
  • Largest Artificial Christmas Tree. Composed entirely of lights, the world's largest artificial Christmas tree was created in 2016 by representatives of Arjuna Ranatunga Social Services. The 'tree' stood at a mighty 72.1m (more than 236ft) tall and was the star attraction at the 3-day carnival event in Sri Lanka where it was erected.

Though your Christmas decoration project may not be quite on these scales, it remains absolutely essential that any lights or other decorative items are properly secured, particularly as there is predicted to be plenty of extreme weather on the way in the coming months: stainless steel banding is one of the best ways to provide this security.

Find out more details about stainless steel banding on our website and check out our recent blog edition for more information about how it can be successfully used to secure Christmas decorations and lights.