BS Fixings supply an extensive and ever-growing collection of products designed to suit the DIY enthusiast. Each product is guaranteed to be of the most professional quality, manufactured using the best materials and to the highest of standards. The newest products to be added to our DIY collection include:

Square Twist Nails

Used to deliver a positive, robust fixing of components with timber-to-timber connectors, our square twist nails are built to last. The nails have been subjected to a sherardising process: this involves heating the nails in the presence of zinc dust. This process results in the nails becoming coated with zinc, improving their strength.

StandardShort-Leg & Long-Leg Timber-to-Timber Hangers

Joist trimming work (including floor joists, underslung joints and stairwells) has to be carried out with a high degree of accuracy: timber-to-timber hangers from BS Fixings are designed to facilitate such applications. Featuring increase hole centres that spread loads over a larger area, these crucial components can be used with equal success in both light-duty and heavy-duty applications.

Plaster Stop Beads

Plaster stop beads allow a straight, clean and aesthetically-pleasing edge to render in plastering applications where it directly meets other structural components such as window frames. Available in either galvanised or stainless steel, plaster stop beads are supplied in economical packs of 50 lengths.

Galvanised Nail Plates

Comprising a nail plate system for manual use, these components are primarily used to permit timber structures to be built on-site, imbuing them with increased joint strength. Highly-automated production of these galvanised nail plates ensures that uniform hole positions are guaranteed.

Find out all of the details about these DIY products on the BS Fixings website.