Are you looking for a durable and reliable solution to secure cables, pipes, or signage? Our latest range of multi-torque banding products could be the answer for you. Designed for both professional and DIY use, our banding products are easy to use and offer unparalleled strength, ensuring every project is carried out successfully.

Our multi-torque banding products are available in both 304 and 316 stainless steel options, to cater to different project needs. For applications where corrosion resistance is essential, 304 stainless steel is ideal, perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. If you require additional resistance to chemicals or are using the banding in a demanding environment such as marine or industrial settings, 316 stainless steel will be more suitable, offering long-lasting performance.

Multi-Torque Banding

Multi-torque banding is an essential tool for anyone seeking a strong and reliable fastening solution. It can be used in multiple applications, such as securing pipes, hoses and cables, HVAC systems, and even for bundling items together for transportation. The multi-torque design ensures a secure and consistent grip, reducing the risk of slippage or becoming loose over time.

We supply 316-grade multi-torque banding in 10-metre rolls and 304-grade in 10 and 30-metre rolls, providing ample material for numerous installations. This helps to ensure cost-effectiveness by reducing the number of times you will need to repurchase the product. Additionally, due to the extended length, the rolls facilitate more efficient usage planning, minimising downtime, and promoting continuous workflow during installation or repair tasks. The roll can easily be cut and customised to your specific project demands, making it a perfect choice for all jobs, no matter how big or small.  

Multi-Torque Connectors

As our banding is supplied in rolls, you will need a product to join the ends together! Multi-torque connectors offer a reliable and efficient way to join banding ends or create custom lengths. These connectors are also made from 304 or 316 stainless steel, providing the same level of corrosion resistance and durability as the banding itself.

Each pack contains 10 connectors, each 150mm in length, ensuring you have enough for multiple projects. These connectors are designed for ease of use, allowing for quick and secure fastening without the need for specialised tools. They are ideal for a wide range of tasks, providing a strong and dependable connection every time.

Both the multi-torque banding and connectors are essential for professionals who require robust and versatile fastening solutions. Whether working in construction, marine, or general maintenance, these products deliver reliability and performance that you can trust.

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