To build upon our extensive range of products, we have been continuing to add new and exciting items to our online catalogue. This year we have, so far, introduced new stock lines of Bandfix clout nails, banding, wall ties, and have had new additions to our array of brands! Here at BS Fixings, we are extremely proud to stock and supply products from renowned industry leaders within the fixing and fastening industry, and we are thrilled to announce our most recent partnership.

You can now find products from Vortex® on our website, with a variety of multi-purpose woodscrew fixings to choose from. These screws are known for their versatility and high performance, allowing users to create a fixing that is not only secure but long-lasting. The variations that we stock are suitable for a range of materials including hardwood, softwood, MDF, and even thin sheets of metal. The fixing possibilities are pretty much endless, and they are not limited to just wood as the name of them might suggest!

Each of the Vortex® screws we supply is zinc and yellow plated, with a Magsho silver organic coating that increases corrosion resistance. Their sheer strength and ability to withstand wear and tear make these screws attractive to many users. Additionally, they are designed with Sawfix Technology, which offers maximum efficiency and an incredibly strong holding power.

What is Sawfix Technology?

Sawfix Technology is an innovative design that relates to how the threads are positioned and formed. The Vortex® screws are manufactured with deep, wide threads, that are much sharper than traditional screws. This allows these screws to drive easily into the surface material, whilst offering maximum grip.

Other beneficial features

Vortex® screws are cleverly designed with an oblique-angle sharp gash point at the tip of the shaft, where the screw enters the fixing material. Due to the shape of the tip, these screws self-drill holes as they are inserted, which prevents the material from splitting and also makes the installation process a lot quicker and efficient.

All of the Vortex® screws are manufactured with a recessed double countersunk head, that not only delivers great strength but also offers a flush, professional finish. The head has sharp under head milling ribs to ensure a solid fixing. Milling ribs are visible on the screw head and are shaped like wedges that obtrude outwards. These ribs help to prevent over-tightening, adding a slight bit of resistance. Without these ribs, the surface material would be more prone to damage.

Under the Vortex® category on our brand page you can find:

Vortex® screws are available in a range of widths and lengths to suit a variety of projects, from as small as 3.5 x 30mm to as large as 6.0 x 200mm! Please feel free to browse this range or our selection of other products online today. If you require further information, get in touch with us on 03330 117818 and a member of our team will be more than happy to help.