When it comes to insulation, there is little room for error as the slightest flaw can compromise the efficiency and safety of the entire system. For this reason, it is important to choose materials of the utmost high quality, and that means finding a company that you can rely on. For rivets, that company is Goebel.

BS Fixings work with a handful of partners to bring you an extended choice of products. Each partner has been chosen extremely carefully in order to protect our own reputation; we regard the quality of their products as highly as those manufactured by ourselves. Goebel, a brand recognised around the world, have consistently proven their ability to provide excellence and BS Fixings are proud to offer access to their products.

Rivets are an essential component of many insulation systems and must be of consistent high quality to ensure the success of the system. The type most commonly used are of the domed head variety and you can find every kind you need here on the BS Fixings website.

Choosing the right type of rivet is important, whether for insulation or any of the other countless uses the efficient rivet can be put to. Where there is any doubt, the expert technical team here at BS Fixings can offer the most competent advice and can be contacted in a variety of ways for your convenience.

As well as the superlative rivets themselves, Goebel also manufacture the means to install them. BS Fixings include these methods in our collection of Goebel products and they come highly recommended by our team. The traditional hand rivet tool is still extremely popular and is ideal for smaller projects while the GO-100 battery-powered rivet gun is always on hand when a bit of extra power is required. Both are available from our website at the most competitive price around.

Check out all the technical details and enjoy the peace of mind that only a world-class manufacturer like Goebel can provide.