The name of a company is often that of its owner and we use such names all the time without thinking about the people behind them. We know that some names aren’t real but we never know quite WHICH ones. Is there really a Mr Pringles? And we have always had our suspicions about Ronald McDonald. There is one we are quite certain of however, and that is Marcel Goebel, the man behind the astonishing success of, you guessed it, Goebel!

It’s here that our learning curve suddenly became quite steep; it’s quite a jump to go from knowing the person exists to having them walk towards you! But that’s the novel, exciting and deeply informative experience that we had at BS Fixings recently. Marcel came to visit us here at our premises and an excellent time was had by all, discussing present trends and planning for the future.

Goebel is a wholesale business and deals in a wide range of professional-quality components related to element-joining, as well as a suite of attendant processing systems. A quickly rising star, the company became known for the consistent superlative quality of their merchandise combined with a sleek, efficient and courteous customer service style. Goebel’s star continues its upward trajectory, expanding its global influence while remaining a close-knit family-run company with a research and development ethic that has seen a range of innovative fixing and fastening solutions brought to market. BS Fixings are extremely proud suppliers of a choice selection of Goebel fixings and highly recommend the brand as a name to trust.

Meeting with Marcel was a great opportunity for both BS Fixings and Goebel, as we seek to expand our product range. Ultimately, our professional connection is going to benefit the people who make the whole thing tick... and that’s you! From the start, BS Fixings has been dedicated to the needs of our customers and our current product range has been shaped by your feedback.

The success of Goebel products among our customers gives us confidence that you will definitely enjoy getting your hands on more and our meeting with Marcel produced some very interesting ideas…. Watch this space for more details!

Steel Domed Head Rivet by Goebel, 3.2 x 10mm, 3.2 x 12mm, 3.2 x 6mm, 3.2 x 8mm, 4.0 x 10mm, 4.0 x 12mm, 4.0 x 8mm, 4.8 x 10mm