The gutters of a property are especially attractive to birds that are looking for a place to perch or roost. As it's now nesting season, our feathered friends are on the lookout for a place to build their nests: this can result in a blocked gutter that can cause flooding and water ingress, threatening the integrity of the structure.

BS Fixings proudly supply a selection of bird prevention spikes designed to suit different applications: this selection includes our bestselling Gutter Spikes for Bird Prevention. These spikes can be quickly clipped to a gutter's outer edge without the need for any adhesive or extra tools, immediately providing a reliable, humane barrier that prevents birds from landing and ensures the unrestricted passage of water through the guttering system.

Our bird prevention gutter spikes are sold by the metre: each metre comprises three separate sections measuring just over 33cm each. Should a length shorter than this be required, the sections can be easily snapped at the base, allowing lengths of as little as 3cm to be produced. Each section is composed of several rows of pins which, protruding at different angles, make access to the gutter impossible for nesting birds.

Before installing bird spikes, it is advisable to prepare the area with a disinfectant spray like Germ Clear™, which is available from BS Fixings at an extremely competitive price. Bird droppings contain bacteria that can be dangerous to human health and Germ Clear™ Bird Droppings Disinfectant Spray ensures that this bacteria is eradicated.

Gutter spikes from BS Fixings form part of our comprehensive collection of bird prevention solutions: discover the complete range on our website and do not hesitate to contact our expert technical team if you need further information or advice.