Christmas is well and truly in the air and even the worst Grinch can’t complain that it’s too early to be decking everything with tinsel and lights. Like everyone else, all of the staff at BS Fixings are looking forward to a little (actually, a LOT!) of R&R time with their families and friends and this means that we will be shutting up over the festive period. Before we do, we have a bit of advice for everyone in your household…

‘Everyone in your household’ falls into one of these basic categories:

The handy person

Everyone else

If you are the handy person of the house, then you will be the first port of call when anything needs building, fixing, securing or taking apart and putting back together again. Long-suffering, you wearily but admirably rise to each domestic DIY task that presents itself. Well.. kind of. The truth is that a part of you secretly enjoys being a DIY demi-god and being able to restore order to the lives of the lesser mortals that surround you. You're the type of person whose letter to Santa resembles a shopping list for a builder’s merchant and, if you have been good all year, then you’re likely to get a good few of the items you wanted.

The dreaded ‘batteries not included’ sign is no hassle to you: anything that takes mere batteries isn't powerful enough for your mighty work anyway. Instead, it’s the missing fixings and fastenings that drive you crazy on Christmas morning so why not stock up on the essentials you’re going to need? If you don’t, then bang goes your excuse for sneaking off to the shed after Christmas Dinner…

For everyone else, Christmas is a time to thank the indispensable DIY God or Goddess in YOUR home by giving them gifts that will allow them to do more jobs around the house, ultimately benefiting you. Yes, you really are that selfish. And, as they will be too busy tinkering with the fairy lights to remember to buy their own fixings and fastenings, you should do it for them. If they DO remember to treat themselves, don't worry: they can always find more uses for more fixings!

The time to purchase from our website is NOW, as we will close at the end of working hours on 23rd December 2016 so get your orders in before 3pm on the 22nd for pre-Christmas delivery. We will be back for business on the morning of 3rd January in the New Year. See you then!