This week's BS Fixings news article focused on our new partnership with HB42, a leading manufacturer of professional-quality sealants, adhesives and fillers. In this edition of our blog, we present a step-by-step guide on how to use HB42's Le Filla® (one of the company's bestselling products) to ensure perfect results every time.

  1. As with any construction project, proper preparation is a key aspect of achieving lasting, professional results. Before using Le Filla®, ensure that all surfaces are clean and free from any dust, oil or grease. Allow the surfaces to dry before commencing work: this will allow proper adhesion and save you lots of work later on.
  2. Take a non-porous board and place a golf-ball sized amount of filler onto it. Next to this, squeeze an amount of hardener that measures between 50-75mm in length.
  3. Mix the filler and hardener thoroughly until completely blended. Mixing begins the curing process and so preparing only what is to be immediately used is crucial: this is why the small amounts mentioned in the previous step must be taken note of.
  4. If any resin rises to the product's surface during working, simply stir again to return it to its original condition.
  5. Apply Le Filla® as required, using a putty knife or spatula. The filler should be left slightly proud of the surface to allow for later sanding (this process is easiest if carried out within 30 minutes of mixing and application).
  6. One fully cured, Le Filla® can be decorated using most standard paint systems. Before this is carried out, the surface should once again be cleaned and dried.
  7. Use cellulose thinners to clean any remaining formula from tools.

A detailed data sheet is available to download in PDF format from the product page. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with our expert technical team directly.