The evolution of the human hand, particularly its opposable thumb, has allowed us to hold, squeeze, grip, twist, pull, shake and generally manipulate objects in countless different ways. As the hands so infinitely versatile, its no wonder that they are used so much, particularly in the workplace. It also follows that they are extremely vulnerable to injury and that's where protective gloves come into the picture.

BS Fixings supply a wide range of protective gloves designed to enhance the safety of operatives working on an equally wide range of applications. As well as standard and cut-resistant gloves from Texxor. we also supply many different types of gloves from leading brand TrueTouch. This range includes:

  • Black PU Coated Work Gloves. These versatile, multi-purpose gloves offer hand protection for most lightweight applications. High grip with integral fingertip sensitivity mean that maximum dexterity is guaranteed.
  • Super Grip Latex Palm Coated Gloves. Delivering excellent comfort, grip and resistance to abrasion, Super Grip Latex Palm Coated Gloves from TrueTouch feature a textured, natural rubber coating that makes them ideal for use in wet or dry environments.
  • Hydropel® Gloves. With a unique, innovative Hydropel® coating that keeps the hand dry while providing exceptional grip even in light oil applications, these revolutionary gloves prevent hand fatigue and benefit from high-visibility, seamless and sanitised design features.
  • Disposable Blue Nitrile Gloves. Sold in boxes of 1,000 gloves, this is an extremely cost-effective option for these standard nitrile gloves.
  • Disposable Black Nitrile Gloves. The powder-free version of these nitrile gloves are rendered in black and sold in boxes of 100.
  • Disposable White Latex Gloves. These lightly-powdered gloves, made from high-quality natural latex and sold in boxes of 1,000, are suitable for all kinds of applications and represent excellent value for money.

Different sizes are available so check out the product pages on our website to discover all of your options. For more details on other items of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) from BS Fixings, check out this week's edition of our blog.

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