Metal cladding is where some of stainless steel’s toughest qualities are demanded of and put to the test. Protecting workers and property in myriad ways from various forms of pollution, including that from noise. Massive bales of insulation material are secured in strategic locations to help control the noise of machinery and rapid temperature changes. What is all of this tough industrial stuff held in place by…? Stainless steel banding!
If you thought it was just for sign fixing, garden work, baling stuff or just to have around somewhere for when you might be able to use it one day,then you may be surprised to hear about the humble fixtures and fittings doing heavy duty on the other side of the world. Here, they play a vital role in providing the power we need to run our daily lives. But stainless steel is a tough metal to say the very least and its resitance to corrosion is relied upon all over the world in all its forms whether in your back garden or on the world stage.

Our parent company BS Stainless, manufacture lengths of banding that we can't imagine being able to fit in our office. They’re the ones involved with all the rough and heavy things like industrial supply of bulk stainless steel to places we can't even pronounce; we get to deal with more manageable quantities and we send them directly to you.

If you wanted to order your stainless steel banding in mile lengths and your fastening accessories in the millions, we would direct you to BS Stainless. But if, like us, you’re more paced to the odd bit of sign fixing, garden chores,baling stuff and just having things around in case you need them one day, then we here at BS Fixings are the ones for you.

Stainless steel banding is basically cheaper, easier, safer (and lots of other superlatives) for a range of applications, many more of which we are sure remain yet to be discovered... And you’ve got genuine access to workable, affordable quantities of the best stainless steel in the UK, from the industry specialists. Find out about our very own family of stainless steel banding and all the accessories you need too, whatever your project!