Here at BS Fixings, the core of our business is centred around our customers, to ensure they can always acquire and receive the best products and materials. A way in which we can deliver excellent customer care is by regularly updating our website with new and exciting products, and we are thrilled to announce our most recent additions!

We have added two new self-drilling screws to our extensive fixing and fastening catalogue, to provide you with an even wider range of options. Self-drilling screws, also known as Tek screws, are used for a multitude of construction and industrial tasks, to secure sheets of metal, wood, and plastic together. They are very popular fastening due to their ability to drive into the material without the need for a pilot hole. This makes them a very attractive fastening to many users, as the installation process is both quick and easy.

The self-drilling screws that we have added to our collection are complete with EPDM washers and supplied in boxes of 100. Self-drilling screws with a rubber washer are perfect for projects where water resistance is a priority and are therefore great for structures that are exposed to outdoor elements, such as roofing or decking.

Both of the screws are manufactured with a hexagon drive head, which offers superior torque, enabling you to create a tight and strong fastening. They are also coated in zinc, for durability and corrosion resistance, meaning they will not rust in environments that are prone to moisture. Although these screws seem the same, there is one feature that makes them different and that is the thread. One screw has a coarse thread, and the other has a fine thread, which makes them useful for a variety of projects.

The self-drilling heavy section screws are designed with a fine thread, which makes them more suitable for heavy-duty materials such as steel. Not only can the drill-shaped tip of the screw pierce the metal with ease, but the fine thread offers a stronger fastening. As the threads are much closer together, they have a higher tensile strength and are less likely to become loose in certain materials. If you’re not looking to use a self-drilling screw for a heavy-duty project, the original variation is suitable for most construction tasks.

self-drilling screw coarse thread

Self-drilling screw with washer – coarse thread

self-drilling screw fine thread

Self-drilling screw with washer – heavy section - fine thread


These screws are now available to purchase on our website, so please feel free to browse them today! We supply them in a range of lengths to suit all of your requirements. If you need more information about the products we stock, contact us today and a member of our team will be happy to help.