BS Fixings is thrilled to announce the arrival of the Timco FirmaHold Collated Clipped Head Nails & 3 Fuel Cells. FirmaHold, a leading name in fastening solutions, is known for its top-tier quality and innovation. This latest product is no exception. Engineered for structural applications, these high-performance nails ensure maximum efficiency and reliability, making them an essential addition for professional builders and DIY enthusiasts.

Key Features and Specifications

High-Quality Paper Collation

The Timco FirmaHold nails feature high-quality paper collation, which significantly reduces the likelihood of nail jams. This advanced collation technique ensures a smoother and more efficient nailing process, minimising downtime and increasing productivity.

Rust Protection

Adhering to stringent building regulations, these nails incorporate rust protection. This feature ensures compliance with service class requirements, making the nail suitable for indoor and outdoor structures. The rust protection also ensures the longevity of the fastenings, providing peace of mind for builders and clients.

Compatibility with 34° Nailers

The FirmaHold Nails are designed for optimal compatibility with 34° cordless and pneumatically clipped head-first fix nailers. This versatility ensures they can be used with a wide range of nail guns, offering flexibility and convenience for various construction projects.

Innovative Design

Diamond Point

Each nail is engineered with a diamond point, ensuring optimal performance in various materials. This feature advances the ease of driving nails, reducing the effort required and improving the overall efficiency of the fastening process.

Clipped Head Design

The clipped head design allows for a higher number of nails per strip, consequently reducing tool loading times. This design feature not only increases productivity but also minimises the frequency of reloads, allowing for a more continuous workflow.

Shank Design Options

The FirmaHold nails come with two distinct shank design options to cater to different material penetration needs: 

Plain Shank: This option offers minimal resistance, making it suitable for use across a variety of materials.

Part Ring Shank: Featuring a partially ringed shank, this option provides moderate resistance.

Included Fuel Cells

Extended Usage

The package includes their fuel cells, designed to prove consistent and reliable power for extended periods. These fuel cells ensure that your nail gun remains operational for longer, reducing the need for frequent refuelling.

Easy Replacement

Replacing the fuel cells is a straightforward process, minimising downtime and ensuring that your work continues without interruption. This ease of replacement is crucial for maintaining an efficient workflow on the job site.

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