JCS Hi-Torque are expert manufacturers of a range of products and BS Fixings number among their carefully-chosen distributors. For more than 50 years, JCS has been self-sufficiently designing, engineering, manufacturing and testing their range, supplying to diverse industries across the globe. Here we present four of the company's most popular products, available now at the most competitive price from BS Fixings.

  1. TAMTORQUE Sign Fixing Clamps. The TAMTORQUE brand of sign fixing clamps from JCS features a unique seven-sided socket, ensuring that they are incredibly secure from tampering. Available in several different sizes, these clamps receive consistent 5-star reviews from our customers.
  2. TAMTORQUE T-Bar Driver Tool. Used to safely and effectively apply TAMTORQUE sign fixing clamps, this innovative tool saves time and money by improving efficiency. Check the product page to find a video that shows you exactly how to use the T-bar to maximum effect.
  3. HI-GRIP Flexible Shaft Screwdriver. JCS create products that are designed to maximise your working time and the HI-GRIP Flexible Shaft Screwdriver is no exception. With three different driver heads, this will immediately become your go-to tool for a range of applications.
  4. M6 Rubber Lined P Clips. Manufactured from A2 grade stainless steel, these clips are designed to deliver consistent, durable service even in challenging environments. A TPE rubber liner prevents any damage to surfaces while working. Sold in economical packs of 10 clips, this simple, secure fixing solution is the choice of thousands of professionals and DIYers alike.

Discover these products and more from the JCS Hi-Torque collection on the BS Fixings website!

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