Winter is here, the time of fireworks, festive activities, and extremely cold weather! Especially in the UK, winter weather can be somewhat unpredictable, some days we experience gloomy and wet weather and the next could be an icy yet sunny day. If you work outdoors or in a cold warehouse, it is important to stay warm this winter, to not only keep your spirits high but to ensure you are able to carry out your job to the required.

We have recently added a new pair of gloves to our protective gloves catalogue, the Thermolite Lined – Ultimate Grip Thermal Work Gloves! These gloves by Adept Ice will keep your hands warm whilst you’re completing your daily tasks. The hands and feet are the most common places of the body to have poor circulation, with many people struggling to warm these areas up in the winter months. Thermal gloves are an important item of clothing, to ensure your hands remain functional.

They are suitable for many purposes including:

  • Warehousing logistics
  • Building and Construction
  • Highway maintenance
  • General purpose use
  • Delivery drivers

Adept Ice has created this glove with a Thermolite internal lining, that offers exceptional thermal properties in cold environments. The lining is made from a premium 15gg brushed material, that is both warm and comfortable.

On the palm of the glove, there is a unique patented NFT (nitrile) coating that is incredibly durable and abrasion resistant. With these gloves, you can complete a number of tasks, whether that be for a dry, wet, or oily purpose. The nitrile palm has a non-slip texture, that provides an excellent amount of grip, no matter the job. In fact, the gloves have undergone the Martindale test, which is a test to measure the durability of fabric. The results are provided in cycles, and the higher the cycle, the more durable the material is. These gloves have a Martindale result of over 25,000 cycles, which makes them suitable for general domestic use and heavy-duty applications.

Another feature that makes these gloves beneficial, is that they can be used on touch screens. If you work in a warehouse or are a delivery driver, and have to use mobile devices, these gloves are perfect. Frequently taking your gloves off is not only an annoyance, but it causes your hands to become cold intermittently. You will not have this problem with Thermolite Lined gloves! The touch screen ability is on the thumb and first two fingers, allowing you to carry on with all tasks whilst remaining warm.

We offer these gloves in a range of sizes, to ensure you acquire the best-fitting product. They are available in XS, S, M, L, and XL, and can be purchased straight from our website. If you would like to find more information about the Adept Ice gloves or our other protective glove products, you can find this on our website or you can contact us today and we will be more than happy to help!