Toggle latches, catches or just plain toggles - whatever you call them, they’ve got a hundred different uses but they always do the same job. That is keeping things secure and whatever box, case or even chest you keep YOUR treasures in, it could probably do with a toggle on it. So pack up your troubles and unpack your toggles as soon as they arrive fresh and fast from BS Fixings – better get ordering soon…

They are so commonplace that you probably don’t even take notice when you’re using one but these handy devices, the basic design of which has remained unchanged for centuries, really are everywhere and that’s because of their sheer versatility. From tiny toggles to vast examples that a person couldn’t even lift unaided, there are as many sizes as there are uses but the BS in BS Fixings stands for Be Sensible in this case - we know you won’t have much use for a giant, industrial toggle! But you certainly could find lots of uses for some at a more reasonable size and, as you’re buying from your trusted partner BS Fixings, you know you’re guaranteed a good price as well, along with our impeccable customer service as the basic standard.

The toggles you’ll find on our website are from Goebel, one of our own trusted partners with whom we have formed an extremely successful working relationship. The company has been established for almost 40 years and is still a family-owned and -run company, despite having grown to become one of the most innovative, reputed and influential fastening and fixings developers in the world. You may know Goebel for their signature product - rivets, but their toggles are created with exactly the same expertise to make your life easier. Cheers, Goebel!

Easy to fasten and unfasten, secure, fairly-priced - what more could you want? Oh, you can have a choice of materials as well. Ok, and sizes too! Rest assured that all the relevant standards, specs and protocols are strictly adhered to at every stage from design through manufacture to final point of sale.

What do YOU want to make sure is safely toggled away…? We would love to hear from you. Email us or chat live now!

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