The Tamtorque Sign Banding System is ideal for the temporary fixing of Christmas lights and decorations. It is widely renowned as being among the best banding in the business and delivers the most remarkable versatility – here are some of the reasons that Tamtorque is such an innovative, game-changing sign banding system.

Ease with Effectiveness

No other stainless steel banding system on the market is quite as easy and effective as Tamtorque and the process breaks down into just a few simple, foolproof steps.

Even more efficiency can be provided with a drill driver if necessary, speeding up the work, saving you precious time and keeping any disruption to an absolute minimum.

Strength with Security

The screw head that forms part of Tamtorque sign fixings cannot be adjusted by any other tools than those manufactured by JCS Group – namely a ratchet spanner and T-bar screwdriver – meaning that tamper-resistance levels are at a maximum and you can rest assured that your sign is safely fixed.

Removal with Reuse

Delivering benefits to both budget and environment, Tamtorque sign fixings can be easily removed when no longer required and then reused. This is because stainless steel exhibits impressive bending strength and resistance to corrosion.

Standard with Special

For most applications, the standard collection of Tamtorque sign fixing products is suitable.

If you have bespoke requirements, we are able to fulfil these with products from the Multi-Tamtorque stainless steel banding range.

Call us now to find out more about your options when choosing stainless steel banding and sign fixings from the professional and unrivalled Tamtorque collection. Our technical team are highly-skilled and can always provide you with the most competent, relevant advice on stainless steel banding along with the rest of our quality stainless steel fasteners and fixings.