For nearly 20 years, Bond-It has been a respected manufacturer of a wide range of professional construction chemicals from adhesives and grouts to fillers and foams. BS Fixings are pleased to announce that we have added a selection of items from Bond-It to our vast, varied and versatile product portfolio.

One of the new items from the Bond-It brand has already proved to be a big hit among our customers: GP200 Multi-Purpose Silicone. You can find out more information on the product page (from where you can also download a data sheet) but here are the crucial details...

  • GP200 Multi-Purpose Silicone is a versatile, low modulus silicone rubber sealant that can be used for most sealing jobs
  • Perfect for use on kitchen work tops, bathrooms/showers/wet rooms and utility rooms as well as various applications in vehicles, caravans and more
  • The formula contains an added fungicidal ingredient to prevent the formation of mould
  • Quick and simple to use with a tooling time of no more than 10 minutes, the formula dries rapidly and has a tack-free time of under half an hour
  • Adheres well to most building materials, including glass and painted surfaces
  • Displays excellent resistance to the damage caused by ozone and UV radiation
  • Conforms rigidly to the specifications set out into BS EN 156511,3: 2012
  • Designed to work with both our standard and professional sealant guns
  • Available in a choice of four colours: white, black, brown or translucent
  • Sold by BS Fixings as single tubes or in a convenient and cost-effective bulk pack of 25 tubes

Check out this week's edition of the BS Fixings blog for a guide on how to effectively use Bond-It GP200 Multi-Purpose Silicone. For more news about Bond-It products coming soon, please subscribe to our VIP Club and regular newsletter.