Safety in the workplace is of paramount importance. Many of the accidents, injuries and even deaths that occur in the construction and renovation industries are due to the absence of correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), whether through a lack of provision or because of workers neglecting to use the PPE provided


Hi-Vis Clothing

Being able to clearly see the people around you is obviously essential and hi-vis clothing is designed to improve the wearer's visibility. Particularly important in low-light conditions, hi-vis clothing such as jackets, coats and trousers is considered to be essential wear in many situations.

Eye Protection

People working in industries that involve metalwork, woodwork, hotwork and the operation of air tools are at particular risk of eye damage and so protective goggles and spectacles are a must. As there is generally debris on all construction sites, it is recommended that all general labourers also wear some form of eye protection.

Hearing Protection

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health reports that 82% of occupational hearing loss occurs in people working in the manufacturing sector. Without specialist equipment, it can difficult to gauge exactly how loud an environment is and the damage caused is often not noticed until it is too late. Earplugs or earmuffs help to protect the ears from occupational noise hazard: earmuffs are more effective at blocking high-frequency sound while earplugs work better at protecting hearing from sounds of lower frequencies.

Hand Protection

As most work is done using the hands, it is no surprise to learn that hand injuries at work are among the most common type reported. There are many types of protective gloves available, each designed to suit a particular purpose. Using gloves helps to avoid hazards when working with, among other things, glass, metal, chemicals, electricity, hot materials and slippery objects.

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